Thank you for your interest in us. EnterStellar Data Services was founded in November 2018 at Chennai to provide top-quality business process management solutions, outsourcing, and non-voice data services worldwide.

We work for large companies who look for contracting services like data entry, data mining, data processing, and complete data management solutions.

About Us

We Deliver What We Promise

Although we are new, we are backed by a team that has more than a decade of rich industry experience. We wish to help individuals and companies grow along with us using our high-quality products and tech support to achieve their dream position in the industry podium.

No delays or excuses. We use state-of-the-art tools and innovative strategy and techniques, with the best customer support putting us ahead in the market to provide you the best results. We understand the importance of clear communication and we respect your expectation of us. We operate with integrity and are dedicated to putting in the hard work you deserve.

Range of Services

Experience hassle-free advance data services for your business. We operate with complete transparency with regards to communicating our services. We strive to provide complete safety for your data and are reliable to handle large volumes to process. We offer cost-effective solutions to skilled data processing, data search, and extraction from the internet or offline source, phone books, directories, loyalty cards, social media, and CRM tools.

We possess a wide range of data recovery strategies, document indexing and archiving, backing up, data retrieval, and periodic record updation. We can operate and manage data recovery for all of the major operating systems available including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Novell, and UNIX.

What We Believe

We are looking forward to building long-term relationships by providing high-performance and exceptional service day in and day out. We take responsibilities for our actions and promise to be committed to both your brand and ours.

Why EnterStellar?


Internal Process


EnterStellar provides tailor-made software development services based on your requirements with a great quality and flexibility that is easy to maintain, modular to facilitate enhancements, secure and easy to deploy. We provide complete cycle software programming services right from basic software idea. EnterStellar mainly designs custom software that optimize a company’s day to day operations and simplify its complication for several large & small organizations.

EnterStellar has a large pool of software experts from different backgrounds. We are able to balance application development efforts and project duration according to client’s business requirements. Our expertise and proven delivery methodologies combined with our knowledge of the latest development languages offers world-class software development services that represent compelling value for money.

EnterStellar strongly focuses on creating customer oriented software applications, we provider highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective software development, offshore software development, project management capabilities and stringent quality standards ensure us to develop solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. The development team minutely examines and analyses the existing IT processes of the clients. It does the gap analysis to ensure complete compatibility between existing system and custom developed application. The supplications are designed, tested and deployed to complete satisfaction of the clients’ comprehensive portfolio of software development services construction of detailed system documentation, Delivered to the highest technical standards using the latest software development techniques and methodologies, we can complete projects to a tight deadline and within budget.


Behind every successful business on the web is a professionally developed website that is informative, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. As a digital boutique passionate about avant-garde creative tactics and committed to high level excellence, EnterStellar displays an in-depth technical aptitude of web development systems that help your business to set apart and stay ahead of the competition.

From development or web applications, E-commerce solutions, and design of intricate web platform to database management and maintenance, we provide end-to-end, personalized web solutions to boost your brand reputability online and meet your unique business goals while improving efficiency and significantly minimizing operating expenses.

With a carefully chosen staff made up of creative designers, knowledgeable programmers, and expert web consultants as well as and project managers, we craft an immaculate and logical end product that will not only get your online business up and running instantly but also keep it going smooth and competently for years to come. After all, we update your website by giving it ample scope to make amendments and additions in line with current, dynamic web trends. User-friendly interface employed in the website will further serve as a convenient platform to effectively interact with your customers.

Aside from application design / development, re-engineering, and on-going maintenance, our turnkey website development services also cover solutions designed to ensure maximum level of your website’s utility, together with optimal control over web content management.

Most of all, EnterStellar’s web development solutions comprising result-oriented SEO strategies pitchfork your website and online business to the search engines’ top results, which reflect the website traffic and sales in an extremely positive manner.


Our website designing process is focussed on creative results-driven solutions and high-quality website technologies. We offer innovative web designs suiting your unique business needs and budget at an affordable price.  Our websites are editable with auto responsive website design for mobile and tablets, user-friendly and the adaptive design and expert UI/UX design teams build professional web designs.

 Our web design experts are well skilled with the latest design and trends. Our proven experiences help to avoid the flaws of websites and keep our clients entrusted. We help you realize your long and short-term business goals. Furthermore, we provide you with the assistance of our Project Manager to guide with delightful designs that oscillate with your target. Our creative and user-friendly technologies are affordable and responsive.

With decades of proven experience, we have successfully achieved remarkable results.  Our valuable web design services guarantee you a hassle-free operation across the day. As a result EnterStellar’s website designing services is preferred choice when looking for a quality web designing service provider in Chennai.


We provide integrated digital marketing services including search engine optimization, google AdWords, social media marketing, blog marketing and email marketing. Proper digital marketing strategies can convert visitors into clients. We build Digital Strategies that help the brands to have fruitful dialogues with their target audiences, whether it is the whole country or just one niche community. Our insights on the User Experience and Information Architecture as well as consumer behavior gives our clients a much-added leverage in the market place.

Our team consists of experts who have all the necessary ideas and unique designs to make your brand digitally attractive. Over the years, our team has become a prominent service provider when it comes to a brilliant digital marketing solution. The experts we employ have proven track record and years of experience in digital marketing. We have enabled many customers in taking their small business to global markets at an affordable price. Our experts not only provide quality marketing strategies but they also look forward to your feedback. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority. We bring in certain benefits to enhance your business with us. We offer local marketing, mobile marketing as well as consulting for our customers. Our service charges are affordable and will always suit your budget.

Our Social Media strategies help to create you’re social presence online for your business and increase your sales in a cost-effective, yet highly targeted manner. Our targeting is on point and we ensure that your audience has a good brand recall with our social media marketing content.


Data Entry Services

In today’s scenario, data dictates the functioning of organisations across industries. Data as a resource can help you foresee the future thereby offering insights for further development. Our effective Data entry solutions can help you make informed decisions regarding your business based on the data influenced approach. Be it a handful of records or a large number; we will digitise and manually enter your data with accuracy.

Our exemplary Data entry Outsourcing Services

The daily hassle of having to deal with large volumes of data poses a daunting threat to organisations across the world. Authentic and factual data entry is the base of successful data management. With our efficient data transcribing services we help our clients organise and segregate the harnessed data so that it can be analysed better.  Whether you have just a few records or large volumes to digitise and enter, EnterStellar offers committed professional service and excellent support with unmatched accuracy.

We provide a wide range of data entry services like:

  • Data entry in Excel
  • Data entry in Word
  • Online Data Entry services
  • Image data entry

Currently, we do not focus on image clean-up, creating layouts, handling of mathematical formula and calculations.

Our Data Entry Formats –Both Input and Output

As our part of our exceptional services we accept data from our clients in various formats. They include:

  • HTML files
  • Image files
  • Word Documents-both doc and docx
  • Print
  • Handwritten documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Documents with typed data
  • Files in PDF format
  • Scanned copies of data
  • CSV files
  • RTF files
  • Files in ZIP folders
  • TIFF files

We convert the data into the format preferred by our clients. Some of the formats we deliver our output in are as follows:

  • Image format
  • In the form of a complete database
  • Excel files
  • HTML files
  • Document files
  • PDF files
  • Simple text files
  • Access files
  • Files in ZIP folders

Our staff are well equipped to deal with large volumes of data and convert them efficiently. Our team ensures that the end result is delivered in a format of client’s choice in a quick and efficient manner within the stipulated time. We adopt the best practices and ensure to maintain the highest standards of data entry. 

A Quick look at our process flow

Regardless of the type of data entry format required by our clients, we have a specific methodology we follow with all our projects. The data we receive can be in the form of a scanned copy or hard copy or other formats mentioned above. Here is a glance at what happens to our projects once we receive an order.

  • Based on the requirements, a team and a leader are assigned to a particular project. The role of the leader is to oversee and monitor the project
  • Guidelines and requirements are provided by the leader.
  • Deadlines are decided, and quality control is embraced at the initial stage
  • Once the data has been captured, another round of proofreading is initiated to eliminate the errors that may have missed the team’s attention
  • The data is further assessed by our quality team that ensures around 99% accuracy
  • The final check of the data is done by the leader before converting into a format preferred by the client

We have a meticulous approach and always ensure delivery within the stipulated time.

Our Quality Standards

At EnterStellar, quality is our non-compromising attribute. We ensure the unmatched quality of our data entry services while keeping the costs down. Regardless of the size and complexity of your projects, we ensure high-quality standards and commitment. With a well-planned quality management system in place, we ensure each step of our data entry process is carried out with minimal error.

Here is how we ensure unmatched quality with all of our projects:

  • Our technology is regularly updated
  • Our staff are regularly trained to handle the evolving aspects of technology and are also given specific instructions for each project
  • We ensure that all our processes are meticulously functioning
  • The productivity of our staff are monitored, and reviewed regularly and feedback is given to improve efficiency
  • Maintenance of your process standards are carried out at regular intervals
  • Both automated and manual verification of our data entry process ensure detection of minutest of errors and removal of the same
  • Feedback from clients is sought at regular intervals
  • Before completion of each project, the data is checked, verified and validated

The metrics we choose to ensure data quality are highly relevant to the end user and have direct links to the business performance. Within our organisation, there is widespread awareness on data quality and obtaining the topmost rung with quality is our never-ending quest.

Why Choose Us as your Data Entry Service Provider?

We deliver world-class solutions with the help of our result oriented team that does not compromise on quality. We have been offering our services globally including the US and Europe.  Here is what you gain by choosing us:

  • Our well-experienced team is highly proficient in English and possess various skills
  • We guarantee over 99 per cent accuracy in our services
  • Our offshore services are highly affordable
  • We use the most effective and contemporary tools in data management.
  • We assure complete protection and confidentiality of client data delivering the final output in secure avenues.
  • Our workstations are secure with protection and anti-virus programs
  • Our data access is only by secure means
  • Our employees sign strict confidentiality agreements for non-disclosure of both the company’s and client’s information
  • Our security measures are monitored and audited regularly
  • We ensure the completion of your project in the shortest turnaround time

As our client, you will benefit from our professional expertise and our quick turnaround time while also saving your costs. We also ensure improved productivity at a minimal operational cost, and we constantly look to gain competitive advantage.                

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Data is the lifeline of any business entity. You can insights into your company’s performance and growth through data. Outsourcing data processing services can help you raise your profits. Outsourcing is a part of smart business strategy that lets you concentrate on your business development and forget about the data operations. By choosing to outsource your data processing you give your business a competitive edge.

At EnterStellar we help you accelerate your document processing. We can extract even the smallest of details from a huge chunk of documents and tables. This will save you from manual labelling and analysis. Our team has immense experience in extensive data processing. Among the advantages of our experienced team is the capability to adapt our services to match any business vertical.

Data Processing Services offered by EnterStellar

We offer a complete set of data processing services for your organisation. They include:

  • Data Processing for record verification
  • Validation services
  • Cleansing services
  • Formatting
  • Correction
  • Conversion
  • OCR Forms Processing
  • OMR
  • Forms Processing
  • Orders Processing
  • Mailing List Compilations
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Data Mapping 

  All types of organisations deal with huge amount of data that constantly increases with time. This data generated is essential to every business. EnterStellar provides a range of easy to avail data processing services that can be customized as per your business needs. Here is a quick glance at our variety of data processing services:

  1. Data Processing for record verification: As a part of validation services, we perform standardization of gender for all the contacts in your database along with adjustment of address to match both residential and business addresses of the contacts as per the postal requirements in your country. We ensure every contact has the right gender title.
  1. Data Validation Services: The accuracy of the related customer information in your entire database is verified as part of our validation services. All details including contact number, email address and business identification is verified.
  • Cleansing services: The large chunk of data is verified for accuracy and also to identify and remove duplicate data. All invalid and expired data is filtered. Even duplicate records that might be similar looking are eliminated after careful analysis. All redundant data is removed with scrutinized accuracy.
  1. Formatting: With our latest formatting techniques we enhance the delivery of your data with improved appearance.
  1. Correction and Conversion: The corrupt or inaccurate records from your database are identified along with irrelevant parts of the data. This data is either deleted, replaced with the right data or modified to cleanse the database. We use the most precise, reliable and advanced data correction algorithms.
  1. OCR Forms Processing: We process data captured through Optical Character Recognition. Our advanced OCR systems which are fast and accurate can read and arrange the OCR generated data
  • OMR Processing: We provide processing of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) or mark reading services as it is commonly called. This is the safest method in data processing and we offer highly accurate cost-effective method.
  • Forms Processing: We process and analyse forms from various sources with high accuracy. Some of our services include insurance forms processing, processing of discount forms, census, immigration and shipping forms along with legal and survey forms.
  1. Orders Processing: Our variety of order processing services includes purchase order management, shipping mad payment options apart from order fulfilment through status checks and mailing services.
  1. Mailing List Compilations: We can compile your mailing list from various sources and can add printed directories and format and validate addresses along with updating of inaccurate information
  1. Purchase Order Processing: We provide end to end services for management of your purchase orders from customer services to BPO services and accounting services.

What We Offer Through our Data Processing Services

If you are looking for accuracy, efficiency and prompt delivery for your data reach out to us. We provide on time data processing services and are preferred by organisations that require on-toe delivery. Here is what you gain by hiring us for your data processing services:

  • Get your data (no matter the size) processed in an organised way
  • Get your data in paper documents computerized
  • Get your data analyzed and delivered in a business specific format
  • Get access to the most relevant data in a simple manner as we will eliminate the unnecessary data
  • With accurate data in hand multiply your profits
  • Digitise your data with the help of most contemporary software systems

 hy Choose Us?

At EnterStellar we are focused on the growth of your organisation as much as you are. Our data processing team is trained to extract the most relevant data to help you plan your revenue with it. We have been offering our services globally including the US and Europe. We do not compromise on quality or delivery.

Here are a few benefits of choosing us:

  • Our offshore data processing services in India are highly affordable
  • We deliver as promised and do not miss the turnaround time
  • Our team of data processing professionals are highly experienced and are trained to deliver flawless reports
  • Experience complete risk free outsourcing by hiring us
  • We make the entire process from input to output delivery completely hassle free
  • We have stringent privacy policies in place and ensure complete protection to our customers data
  • We prioritise professionalism in all our services
  • We strive towards delivery of all projects with comprehensive data integrity
  • We do not compromise on the data management norms and ensure the output is highly accurate
  • Data security is our foremost priority. We ensure utmost protection of your data and it will not be shared under any circumstance
  • We constantly communicate with our clients about the progression of your project thereby bringing about transparency and efficiency.
  • Our services can be altered and customized as per your business goals.

We emphasise on the use of latest technology and superior procedures. The practices we adopt are up to date and we offer transparency in our services. Contact us today to streamline your business to achieve efficiency and quick growth.

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An enterprise is completely dependent on the data generated. Regularly updating the data and maintenance of the database for accuracy is vital for an organisation. Data can help strategize your business model and drive your organisation towards profit.  Data mining is one such process where data from multiple sources are analyzed and compiled into information that supports business intelligence.

As a part of this process, the data collected from any organisation is examined to decipher the current trends of the market and to also find suitable opportunities for future implementation and will also serve as a base to study revenue in detail. When an organisation is forced to make decisions such as cost cutting data mining can help make a wise decision.

At EnterStellar we can add power to your operations thanks to our experienced personnel who have handled mining services for a wide range of industries with efficiency.

What We Offer as a part of our part of our exemplary data mining services

EnterStellar offers extensive and in-depth data mining services and as a part of our core value we add value to the client’s operations irrespective of the type of industry. We offer detailed mining services in the following forms:

  • Data search and extraction from internet
  • Data search and extraction from an offline source
  • Data search and extraction from phone books and directories
  • Data extraction from loyalty cards
  • Data extraction from social media sites
  • Data extraction from CRM tools

The data we extract and summarise can be financial information or marketing information or any other business related information. Data search and extraction from internet can be done from any website either business to business webpage or business to customer webpage. Apart from that we can harness data from online networking portals, forums or blogs for our clients. This information can serve as a knowledge base for your organisation and provide you reliable information to make business centric decisions.

What is Unique about Our Data Mining Services?

We help analyze data from a wide range of sources. The information we provide can help you make informed business decisions. With the output you can analyze market trends, make informed decisions with respect to cost cutting or revenues and also predict opportunities that are likely to arise in the future. We offer a wide range of research based data mining services. They include:

  • Collection of data from a wide array of sources
  • Delivering information in the output format preferred by the client like MS Excel, Word doc or CSV format
  • Harnessing a variety of details from a CRM platform like updates on prices, product listing or comparison of rates. Apart from these we also offer extraction of details on product descriptions, listings, descriptions and availability along with relevant images and catalogues. These details can also be extracted from an online portal
  • With our process of extracting financial data we also include pattern identifications and study of future trends. We also offer study of competitor standings and evaluation of market changes along with the generation of probable sales leads
  • We also help create mailing list for marketing campaigns for all your advertising needs
  • Creating a data warehouse by grouping information and creating directories which include multiple databases
  • The use of certain statistical tools wherever applicable

We have strongly equipped team with inept analysis skills who trained to perform extensive research. The team is technically equipped and have the knowledge to deal with large quantities of data. The accurate data delivered by our team can help in business analysis or sales and marketing activities of your organisation.

Why Choose EnterStellar for your Data Mining Services?

Our experienced team of experts have been providing data mining services globally including the US and Europe. We are prompt in our delivery and invested in the development of your organisation as much as you are.

Here is what you gain by choosing us:

  • We ensure the final output meets high quality standards and have strict norms when it comes to accuracy
  • We assure a percentage of reduction in costs when you choose us your outsourcing partner for your data mining services
  • We have stringent norms regarding data security and confidentiality. Data protection is of utmost importance to us and your data is absolutely safe
  • We employ the use of latest technological advancements and procedures
  • We constantly communicate with our clients the status of the project to ensure complete transparency and efficiency
  • Our services can be customized as per the requirements of your business needs without effecting the quality of the output
  • We take a different approach for each project based on the unique needs of the client.
  • Our long operational hours ensure that our clients receive the output in the shortest turnaround time

The EnterStellar Advantage

We generate the right kind of results to aid a large scale transformation in your business. Here are a few perks of partnering with us for all of your back office data requirements:

  • Our team has a rich experience of more than a decade in delivering offshore data services. Our consultations can help provide answers to all of your business needs
  • With extensive knowledge in data management and unique skills our personnel are equipped to handle any emergency situation by coming up with alternate plans. This ensures business continuity even during an emergency
  • Our end to end services can be customized according to the business process and we ensure the tasks are fulfilled on time
  • We have stringent quality measures in place and we ensure impeccable quality in all our deliveries
  • Our team is well equipped to scale up the project when the need arises ensuring on time delivery of output without losing the continuity.

Choose EnterStellar for quick business transformation and operational efficiency. With the use of latest technological advancements, a highly proficient workforce and outputs of high quality we ensure the very best to our clients.

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Data is the most significant asset for any company. Accurately managed data serves myriad purposes within the organization. Efficient and effective data management ascertains the survival of the enterprise in the long run. Plethora of time is usually invested in sorting, moving and transforming data while the indispensable task of data management is given lesser importance to, which results in time sapping errors and redundancies.

We, at EnterStellar, believe in catering the best data management services to pave way for better creation and use of data for your enterprise. Our data management solutions aim at data efficiency and data quality improvement which shall save you time, money and efforts as well as ensuring minimization of errors and protection of data from related risks.

Data Management Requisites

Data must be arranged in such a way as to provide the ease of accessibility to managers as well as public and private decision makers. At EnterStellar, we manage data in a way that will last you for decades. We promote data management requirements such as:

  • Access as and when the data needs alteration.
  • Reprocessing of the data in case an error is discovered.
  • Integration of the data with newly developed algorithms, data products and technologies.

You are not only provided with the best in class data solutions but also with data strategies to make it work the best for you. Our objective is to work along with you in discovering the core capabilities of effective data handling for your enterprise. We uncover the governing of data objects and keep a check on the management of data quality.

Data Management at EnterStellar

At EnterStellar, we ensure reliability in data management services as we take note of all things significant such as:

  • Governance of data and information- Every organization has to have a structured framework in data management to reduce complexity in data usage. We ensure standardized governance of data and information for you as we focus areas such as on data availability, consistency, usability, integrity and security of data. The end results of our quality data governance is increased consistency in decision-making, minimized errors and data redundancy, increased staff effectiveness and better data security.
  • Ensuring data quality- Data collection is a challenge as requires data to be accumulated from various sources which may be overlapping and confusing at the same time. Therefore, data organizing and profiling must be given a priority. Data will remain useless in the hands of the management lest data quality and integrity is not ensured. We, at EnterStellar, work to rule that possibility out, ensuring clear down-flow of data and working with our best tools and resources to keep your data top-notch.
  • Data Migration- Data migration is the key to determining data legacy. Data migration is required for data maintenance and upgrades, storage and server replacements and also disaster recovery, website consolidation and relocation of data centre. Our team aims at making the process simpler while ensuring that clear data is loaded effectively into the system.
  • Master and metadata management- At EnterStellar, we understand the importance of management of both master and metadata, which ultimately results in increased business efficiency and reduction in cost for your enterprise. Methodical management of MDM and metadata by our team of skilled and experienced data managers shall help your business nailing strategic goals and also provides desired financial results for the enterprise in the long run.
  • Data masking- Data masking is the process which safeguards the real data, providing a workable substitute of the data for occasions like user training and software testing. We make sure that data alterations are done in the best possible manner including encryptions, numbers and character substitution and character shuffling to let you have free access to the data for operations that are less secure.
  • Data optimization- We, at EnterStellar, aim at organizing data in the best way possible. Our data optimization services helps with minimizing processing time, proving users an access to the clear down-flow of updated data presenting a more accurate picture of your enterprise.

What we Offer at EnterStellar

Our team of skilled professionals puts effectual management of your valuable data in the best possible manner with data indexing and archiving, data backups and revival and updation of the organization’s data to reduce latency. Here is how we manage your best resources in the most effective way possible:

  1. Data indexing and archiving- Data indexing facilitates location and retrieval of useful data from the database management system at ease. We take up every hassle relating to document indexing, scanning and storage to make certain that you have an access to the information from your database require at all times. This also saves a good deal of time for your staff, making them more attentive to their actual job. We interpret data abbreviations, detect names and keys of the data present, conduct spell checks as well as identify and correct errors in the data fed in your database, which also results in better data transparency to the users.
  2. Data backups and restoration- The best way to restore crucial data in the event of data loss is to keep the data backed-up. At EnterStellar, we not only provide your data with a back-up but we handle every aspect of the same in the most consistent manner possible using modern back-up software.
  3. Periodic update of data- Every business, big or small, generates data on a daily basis. Longer the life-span of the business, the more data is generated by it. Here, the need for data update arises. Un-updated data implies missing out on valuable information for the enterprise. Thus, it is important to understand the significance of new data updating and also correction of current data and information while deleting data which are inaccurate or not useful anymore, eliminating the baggage on the database. We make use of reliable database management system so that your enterprise can easily navigate through chunks of data to find what is needful.

We cater to clients all over the world. To create a better work environment for the enterprises to carry out their operations in the most effective way possible is our vision.


What is it about?

We take your data very seriously. Our dedicated and experienced staffs work tirelessly to gain your trust with regards to handling your company data with care. We are entrusted every day with critical and sensitive data for engineering firms, investment banks, consulting companies, and businesses in the likes of pharmaceuticals and educational institutions.

We focus on security and maintaining the integrity of the data until delivery. Our staffs are diverse and have joined us after being exposed to some of the best organizations the world over and are constantly innovating yet simplifying data processes to provide a transparent understanding of our service to you.

Our guidelines provide a deliberate view of the efficiency of the service offered to you. Our protocol involves regular reporting on the progress whether you are an individual customer or an enterprise with multiple employees.

Simplifying data processes

At EnterStellar, we consist of an amazing set of people who work together cohesively to deliver a single vision of efficiency and simplification to this industry that it desperately needs. We never stop learning. You, as our client, are always our priority and will experience second to none data solutions without unnecessary clatter.

Expert and secure handling of your data

All work undertaken by us is internal and will never be outsourced. We apply all our personal and industry knowledge to assure that every project is delivered successfully and to your complete satisfaction.

We are equipped to address all challenges in this line of work from any source. We take keeping ourselves updated very seriously to stay in par with the current market scenarios. We always view all our projects in the most professional manner and take every resource valuable.

Make your data handling secure, faster, and simpler with EnterStellar.

Contact us now to get started.

How We Work

Our industrious self-initiatives are synthesized with premium work ethics to develop the best work environment for you. Our ambitions are in sync with your expectations. We, not just work for you, work together with you in formulating data management strategies that shall get the ball rolling for your enterprise.

Strong Pillars of Internal Strategy

Data in a business is the framework of the entire enterprise in a nutshell. Therefore, effective management of quality data is to be laid stress on. We cooperate together with you to evaluate data quality on the basis of:

  • Completeness of the data mined
  • Uniqueness and validity of the data
  • Consistency of the data across varied stores
  • Accuracy and timeliness of the data present

For data-drive managerial decisions to be successful, one must have ample quality data to back the decisions up. Usage of data without evaluation can prove to be useless, if not outright dangerous.

At EnterStellar, we understand the need for quality data discovery and management of the same in order to tackle business challenges in the most effective way possible and eradicate potential threats to your business.

Strong pillars of work ethics, value and commitment uphold our approach. We believe in delivering top-notch services in real-time while catering personalized attention to get your work done in the most productive way. Here is what we aspire:

  • Exceptional customer services aimed at making data more sustainable for you. We work with top-notch cloud and digital infrastructures to support your vocation for sustainability. Our objective is to drive you towards better opportunities and equip you well to make the most out of such potential opportunities.
  • Accountability for our performance. We are well aware of your expectations and our responsibility to work on a par with the same. Although we engage with clients worldwide, we take note of specific requirements for each individual client. Our relationship with you does not end with delivery of the service promised; not unless we ensure absolute satisfaction from your end.
  • Transparency in dealings to let you experience lucidity in operations. We work in adherence to your instructions and guidelines, presenting the clear picture of the ongoing development. We believe in maintaining a clear stream of communication to ensure cooperation for your enterprise to flourish. Our team of skilled professionals is never short on planning. We believe in elaborative strategy discussions before we commit ourselves on operations.
  • Timely delivery of services in order to maintain product integrity as well as integrity of your organization as a whole. We offer plethora of engagement models for you to choose based on your requirement. Our time-bound deliveries shall ensure you are up-to-date and steadfast in your business activities, making the most of the opportunities available.


Policies and Compliances We Follow

At EnterStellar, we work in strict adherence to our internal policies to make it easier for you to trace our work pattern. We have clear and mounted policies for our employees as well as customers in order to make sure our standards are never compromised with.

Our internal policies require every professional associated with the organization to be aware of his/her duties and the responsibilities that are delegated. We believe in seasoning our employees at work with constant training and supervision to serve you no less than what you expect of us.

We are clear on our policy on disciplinary action for our employees and follow a no retaliation policy. We have adopted the best industrial policies and practices to ensure safety in behavior at work. We also have well-knitted privacy, confidentiality and credit policies for our customers and compliance with such internal policies are verified.

Quality Control and Assurance

We consider end-user satisfaction as the very initial parameter for quality assurance which is followed by loophole detection and quality control. We optimize quality control using artificial intelligence and newfound elements of machine learning. We go by the fact that quality control is a lot more than just another back-office function and put increased weightage on control of data quality. We keep a good measure of potential opportunities coming in your way and top-quality services offered by our skilled professionals ensure that you are well-prepared to grab them.


Data Security

Data security is a key factor in determining the sustenance of business in the long term. We understand your accountability towards safe maintenance of your client’s data and therefore, we work with the best cyber-security tools to arrange and protect useful data. When it comes to data loss, overestimation may prove to be fatal. Thus, we ensure complete security of data for your enterprise as we employ the Role-based Access Control method to sync accessibility with actual job roles. We use end-point protection software to minimize security breach along with anti-viruses, firewalls and other recovery software for full-proof protection of your valuable data. As we specialize in cloud infrastructure, our team of dedicated professionals with industry-specific expertise works hard in knitting an encryption strategy that lasts your enterprise for decades. We also include automated security measures and multi-level verification and monitor every data asset in detail to ensure absolute compliance with the data safety and security standards.

Never compromising on the delivery of top-grade services, we are here with solutions that will provide you with an extra edge in the current market scenario.

The Bottom Line

Investing in a company which thrives on artificial intelligence and innovative machine learning to manage data for your enterprise is undoubtedly the best of investments to make. At EnterStellar, we let our professionals chalk out a sustainable strategy for your enterprise before we incorporate artificial intelligence to manage chunks of data effectively.

Our objectives is to bring about the best for your enterprise with a well-drawn work plan which shall contribute to minimization of operational cost for the enterprise while increasing profits by multi-fold. We cater to clients across the globe but, be sure, you are not just one in thousand other clients for us. We are constantly striving to ensure your expectations are met.

Hire Us

Let us help you

We are flexible with our business approach and we easily adjust to your way of working, your company processes, and systems so that your project is personal every time with the least disruption in your everyday operations.

We are a niche company working with digital and cloud infrastructures, therefore, you will be getting the personalized attention you deserve. Having the advantage, and definitely not among one in thousand other customers.

You are extremely important to us. When you work with us, what you get is many decades of man-years in experience in different domains. Our presence in India and in the US enables us to cover all aspects across different time zones – onsite, near-shore, or offshore. Our techs and specialists will work round the clock to help you with your concerns.

What you get

  • We strive for excellence from the get-go. We take pride in our work ethics. What you get is successful completion of projects, on time and first class.
  • Experience a transparent work environment with clear instructions and well-drawn strategy discussions.
  • We understand accountability, taking responsibility in delivering our commitments as promised.
  • We are intellectually honest to preserve both the integrity of the products and for the people, we work with.
  • You reap more than what you sow as we work beyond our call of duty to achieve success for you. Our ideas come from self-initiatives and continuous innovation.

Our engagement models

Staff Augmentation

  • A typical cost reduction model manoeuvre especially for short-term projects that require higher involvement with clients to oversee the augmented manpower. We offer top-of-the-line technical leadership and project management solutions to have a hassle-free process.
  • Our technical implementation modules include prototyping but we understand the narrow scope of responsibility. We, therefore, establish alignments and attainable expectations between our clients and the vendor to avoid unpleasant circumstances during the project undertaking.

Project-based Model

  • We recommend this time-bound engagement model for projects that do not change requirements during development. This is a cost-effective model too and allows time for enough research and to employ effective marketing strategy.
  • We achieve this by leveraging vetted vendors with necessary domain and required technical expertise for outsourcing, with close watch over the entire process.
  • We also offer strategic engagement models such as near-shore and offshore or product development centres, if you are looking for a long-term project model.


Tactical Consultancy

  • Our value-add services include access to our in-house expertise such as security assessment, UX design, technology advisory, and project architecture.
  • We offer time-bound or project-bound consultancy based on the amount of R&D work involved or the amount of data that needs handling. The price will, therefore, be either fixed or flexible according to the job undertaken.

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We are open to new relationships, short-term and long-term from businesses of all sizes. We are ready to provide top-quality services at competitive rates. We are also known to cohesively work with existing partners and are open to assisting in all types of data, professional, and consultancy services.


Whitepaper on Insurance Outsourcing 

Today’s business models are more complex than they ever have been before. Adoption of composite marketing strategies and aggressive advertising techniques in order to shoot-up the business turnover is not the only way for a business to be successful. Markets today are more consumer-oriented. Every enterprise, big or small, are realizing the importance of customization and specialization to meet the changing needs and demands of the customers to gain their loyalty.

In a dynamic environment as such, sustenance of the business through cut-throat competition is believed to be the only key to business innovation and success in the long term. It is equally important for a business to make each of its departments work in tandem with each other, ensuring specialization of each department which can be employed through outsourcing.

What is Insurance Outsourcing?

The insurance sector is largely availing the benefits of outsourcing to gain an extra edge over their competitors and it has been a trend for the last 10 years. Outsourcing in insurance comes with myriad benefits such as establishing competitive pricing models and improved turnover ratios. Outsourcing data mining and processing services, finance and accounting services, underwriting services, call centre and customer care services and IT services helps the enterprise in reducing costs, overcoming economic uncertainty while opening doors for future expansion.

Some common BPO services for the insurance sector to avail are:

  • Digital Marketing and E-mail Marketing Services
  • Call Centre Outsourcing Services
  • Sales and Customer Acquisition Services
  • IT Outsourcing Services
  • E-Commerce Support Services
  • Data mining and Data Entry
  • Initial Underwriting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services
  • Web Application Development
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Services
  • Claim Processing, Settlement and Customer Care Services
  • SaaS Application Development
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Content Writing/SEO Copywriting Services
  • Program management, Quality Management and Cloud Computing Training

Outsourcing ensures formulation of customized business strategies for individual enterprises that shall work in order to make their business flourish in strenuous times. For companies in the Insurance Sector that are short on skilled staff to carry out the business process in a standardized manner, outsourcing is the appropriate solution.

Benefits of Insurance Outsourcing

Enterprises that have an open mind to business process outsourcing are more likely to save their employees some valuable time that allow them to focus on providing their skilled and valuable services to enhance the efficiency of business operations as a whole.

Outsourcing activities such as insurance accounting, policy management, claims management, reporting, insurance claims data entry, commission management and related legal activities contribute in making the delivery model of the business more robust and ensure efficiency and success in the process of customer retention and other operations.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing in Insurance:

  • The most cost-effective solution- Outsourcing routine operations is cheap as it eliminates the need for hiring manpower to carry out operations. Not only is this, but the cost of purchase and maintenance of infrastructure reduced as well. Thus, the infrastructural overhead of the enterprise is nil.
  • Get done with time-sapping tasks- Mundane and redundant routine tasks can be outsourced to provide employees with more challenging tasks that require application of their knowledge, skill and expertise. This, in turn, will act as a motivation for the employees to work harder, supervising core business operations which will fuel the overall growth and development of both the business and individual employees.
  • Reduction in investment of capital- Capital expenditures can be cut down with outsourcing and it is a wise thing to do in case you have started your business recently. Outsourcing ensures specialization in services right from the start without you having to pour heap loads of initial capital to begin with. You can save money to buy valuable resources for your business or use it as working capital.
  • Flexibility- Enterprises engaged in seasonal and inconsistent projects must avail the benefit of flexibility that comes with outsourcing. The enterprise can scale up the quantity of resources required in operational seasons and scale it down otherwise. This will eradicate the need for hiring full-time employee and paying them a fixed remuneration.
  • Expertise- Hiring a company to outsource your business tasks is cost-effective and it comes with specialized services by seasoned professionals, which is all the more a reason for a business to employ outsourcing services.
  • Tax Benefits- Outsourcing business activities overseas, especially in the Asian Region, will ease your business out of hefty taxes that may have been levied otherwise. Outsourcing to countries with lower corporate tax rates will lower the tax burden on your enterprise.
  • Risk management done right- Outsourcing minimizes the risk posed to a business as the enterprise is not required to invest in infrastructure or hire staff for non-core operations. Such operations are managed with skill by professionals.

Companies which provide outsourcing services allow businesses to cash in on them big-time. A business can outsource its ancillary services and have them sorted at ease by professional who have a good deal of hands-on industry experience.


Consistency of business operations is an important aspect for the business which is achieved only by employing a professional service. It is very important to partner with an outsourcing company that will not only work for you, but also work together with you in customizing business strategies for your business to identify customer needs, catering to their exact needs, entering fast-growth markets, ensure compliance and retain customers.

Look out for companies which promise to process customer data in an accelerated pace, for we all know, each business activity creates a chunk of data which has to be fed into the database for future use. While outsourcing customer-oriented services make sure the end results lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and better quality of customer interactions for the business. Employ companies which cater services globally, investing only in best-in-class tools and solutions to bring about high-quality results.

Outsourcing is the need of the hour for enterprises that aim for their business to bloom through satisfaction of their customers which shall eventually get their profits soaring high in the broader spectrum.